Oppo teases under display camera shooter

Every day, things keeps improving, from normal selfie camera to camera sitting inside a notch, from there, we have punch hole camera, pop up camera, sliding camera and now oppo company have now wreaked everything with an invisible selfie camera!.

Oppo, chinese phone maker has developed a smartphone with a hidden selfie camera. The camera is hidden under the display.

OPPO made it know on Twitter with a 15 seconds video.The 15 seconds video shows a smartphone prototype with no notch, no selfie camera, the camera isn’t visible at all and yet it functions perfectly well as a normal camera.

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At the end of the video, someone places his finger on the screen to block the camera’s view in order to prove that the camera is actually there.

And yes, everything went blank which means he is really blocking the camera’s view and when he lifts his finger, the camera started showing again.

Oppo teases under display camera

This shows that the camera is there but all the attempts made to see the camera proves abortive, it is indeed invisible, I don’t how oppo constructed such innovation.

The camera is special also, it comes with a large aperture, big sensor and greater pixel size to accommodate any light refraction.

We all know that a camera takes photos when the light hits the sensor through the optics,


Having a solid material on top might make the photos taken with the device blurry. Oppo said there are three algorithms to enhance the camera performance without jeopardizing the display performance.

First of the algorithm is the white balance.

Oppo made targeted adjustments and calibrated the color against any light sources that might obstruct the image.

Then another algorithm is the HDR which reduces over exposed highlights and increases brightness in shadows.

The Haze removal algorithm is battling the issue of having a solid material on top of the lens, it’s main function is to increase the sharpness of an image.

Shortly after oppo released the video on Twitter, xiaomi replied with a video showing his own technology which is similar to the oppo’s video.

The xiaomi video shows two similar phones, one with a clearly visible selfie camera notch and the other without it. The phone without a notch is used to take selfie.