New Motorola smartphone with a Stylus leaks

It seems Motorola is working on a new smartphone that will come with a stylus. Evan Blass, a popular serial tipster has revealed a Motorola smartphone with a stylus. The stylus is actually thin and on the display, there is a punch hole cut out for the selfie camera and a curved glass screen.

Smartphone manufacturers seems to have less interest in manufacturing smartphones with a stylus. The first smartphone with a stylus is the Galaxy Note 9 and since then, there isn’t a rival for it in the market. Consumers who are looking for a phone with a stylus don’t have many options these days.

While they were all the rage back in the days of Windows Phone, on Android your options are limited. It is very hard, in short, it is impossible for you to see an affordable smartphone with a stylus and if deep research needs to be done, then you do see some odd LG phones from 2018.

LG Stylus smartphones

However, it is nice seeing Motorola getting back to the Stylus. If you look at the head of the stylus, you can see that it is curved somehow, which makes us to think that the stylus should be slotted in through the button of the phone. And it is worth noting that this is not going to be the rumoured Motorola Edge Plus flagship.

Other companies are busy searching for new gimmicks such as folding screens and huge megapixel counts, Motorola is in to bring back a feature which seems to be almost forgotten by other smartphone brands. If this smartphone takes the same price tag as the regular Motorola smartphones in the market, it would stand out in an increasingly competitive mid-range space.

The serial tipster didn’t reveal any features of the phone aside from the stylus. But wait, do people actually care for the stylus anymore?? What do you think about this move by Motorola? Let me know in the comments below