Is Samsung An Android Phone? Here is it

I’m just watching a video on my samsung a30 and i started to wonder, is samsung an android phone?

Well, i did a lot of research and i have come to tell you what i found out.

Is Samsung an Android phone?

Yes samsung is an android phone, all Samsung mobile phones runs on android and not only samsung uses android, there are lot of brands that uses android such as huawei, sony, LG, itel, infinix, tecno and pretty much other brands.

But samsung sort of have their own android os, let’s talk about it in a bit.

Does samsung have its own android OS?



Yea, samsung kind of have its own android os, when samsung installs android on their smartphones, they are not charged anything.

What i mean by charge is that the cost of OS, like we have to pay when we install window on a phone, unlike Google or some LG devices, Samsung does not use stock android which is developed by Google but instead they use their own UI on overriding the default android UI, it is called touch wiz UI.

Is android software on Samsung phones different from other Android phones?

You might ask if android software on samsung phones is different from other Android phone.

Well, essentially at the core, all Google Android software is the same but as most of other people already said Samsung modifies it, they make the android os their own which means they tweak the layout and add different features unique to Samsung.

Like i said before, Samsung added a touch wiz overlay which means the way the GUI works and looks but this runs on top of the Google Android OS which is native.

Please note that it is not only the Samsung that modifies Android to make it seem unique or different.

All Google Android smartphones run the same software but none of them look the same as the GUI overlay installed by the manufacturer, they differs.

Will samsung stop making android OS


Well nobody knows but it might be in the feature or maybe they won’t stop.

Samsung is the only OEM which gets profit from Android phones apart from LG which makes a very negligible profit on Android smartphones.

Back in 2016, Samsung makes $400+ profit per galaxy s7 sold, that’s quite a handsome profit.

So, Samsung is making money hand over fist by selling cash-cow running a wildly popular OS.

Samsung is fostering tizen for connected home appliances and smartphones but support and enthusiasm for Tizen seems to be on the wane.

If samsung wants to remain in the smartphone realm then it has to go with Android or tizen or any other os.

The only other option is ios but Apple does not let anyone else manufacture iPhones and so that it out of the question.

With no other OS likely to become as popular as Android/IOS in the near future(just saying thou) Samsung might stick with Android. That’s it for the is Samsung an Android phone