Is Infinix S4 A Good Phone?

Is infinix s4 a good phone? That is the kind of question i use to get from people.

Well, in this post i am going to tell you everything, whether infinix s4 is a good phone or not.

But first we are going to run down the specs for you to know whether infinix s4 is a good phone.

  • 6.2 inches 1520 x 720p
  • 6gb ram/ 32gb rom
  • MediaTek 6760 Helio p22
  • 9.0 pie
  • 13mp+8mp+2mp rear camera
  • 32mp selfie camera
  • 4000mah

So, to answer the question “is infinix s4 a good phone” I have to say yes, it is a very good phone.

Everything about this phone is pretty damn good. At first glance you can’t mistake it for something not worthy, the design is stunning, it is beautiful and well put together, the general aesthetics and the choice of material stack up well with the competition.

The triple color gradients look makes it stand out as a flagship device and i bet that’s what infinix was trying to achieve here and it comes up very well, so kudos to the design teams at infinix.

There’s a slight camera bump at the back but it is not disturbing at all, it should be able to lay flat on your desk thou it is a bit noticeable but it won’t bother you at all.

At the bottom of infinix s4 houses the speaker grills, the micro usb charging port, microphone hole and a headphone jack.

On the left is a SIM slot for a dual sim and a micro sd card, on the right, you will find the power button and the volume rocker.

On top you have nothing, at the back you will find a triple back camera set up with the flash, the fingerprint sensor and the infinix branding.

In front houses a 6.2 inch hd plus display which is a 1520 by 720 p resolution then on top of that display houses the 32 megapixels camera for your awesome selfies.

Hardware wise, it doesn’t feel like a very high end premium device but it is very close and considering the fact that it is a budget device.

The infinix s4 comes with all the nifty security features that you can expect from a modern device today, there is face unlock feature and a fingerprint scanner.

The face unlock is fast, in fact, it is pretty fast to the point that it instantly unlocked your device and you will totally forget about the fingerprints though i still prefer the fingerprint because it is a little more reliable especially at night and it’s a bit more secure.

The display is decent at best, as 720p resolution, it is bright enough to satisfy you, colors pop and it appears vivid.

For basic user on a daily usage you might not be able to tell the difference between these and 1080p display, the only drawback is that online video is capped at 720P which isn’t too bad at least it will help you keep your data consumption at minimum.

Video playback looks good and gaming as well. It is not the brightest display out there, at 500nit brightness, it should be able to play nice outdoor.

So general responsiveness, you have to bear in mind that this is a budget device and with that you shouldn’t expect to see a high end device performance here.

But it doesn’t mean it is a slouch when it comes to performance, my unit here comes with a 6gb of ram and a 64gb of internal storage and octa core mediatek cpu that is clocked at 2.0 gigahertz, xos 5.0 custom user interface on top of Android 9.0 pie, with all of these, it is safe to say that performance is at its best.

It is fast and fluid, it handles most things that are thrown at it, be it gaming or surfing the net, but it doesn’t mean everything tests smooth all the time, you might notice some sluggishness at time, especially when you have too many background apps and when you’re heavy with much chrome tabs but general responsiveness test smooth all the time like launching apps and switching between apps

Android 9 pie comes with a feature to further customize the system navigation buttons or hide it completely and it comes very handy here.

Moreover, it gives the device a very distinctive look,with all of these, the most amazing thing about this phone is the battery life.

It is incredible. In fact this device last forever thou that’s a bit of exaggeration but trust me, the battery life on this thing is amazing.

It also supports super fast charging. This phone has 4000 mah battery and it is not a bragging right without fulfilling it purpose, it is a champ when it comes to battery life and with options to further optimize the battery with AI power saving.

With bench mark single core number of 815 and multi core score of 3785, it appears to be lagging on paper but real life performance is good and that is a plus when it comes to performance.

But there are things that would have made the infinix s4 even better device than what it is, example, too many bloat wares.

The good thing is that you can remove some of them but it doesn’t play nice. Like the instant app that shows on top of the app drawer which enable you test app first before installing them thou it comes handy but it does impact performance.

Secondly, the xis 5.0 comes with new features and ui tweaks like the smart panels that quickly lets you launch your favorite apps, take screenshots and record screen, there are certain app that has been redesigned though looks very nice but would have been much more better with the stock Android experience with added basic features.

There are ton of features that is packed into the xos 5.0. I feel the more you add features the more it becomes buggy over time, so i will prefer a less buggy ui to feature which will further enhance or optimize the user experience. it makes it feels like the user experience wasn’t a priority when designing the ui.

So less feature but better user experience overall, especially for a budget device like this that doesn’t pack so much power.

So all of this brings us to the next feature which is the camera, with all the hype, it is the most outstanding feature about this device so you have the main sensor, the wide angle and a depth sensor.

The main highlight here is the wide angle lens and it is pretty amazing. It lets you cover a wide area that weren’t possible before, these are features found on high end smartphones and it is a nice addition here.

So I find myself using it too much just for fun and at some point very useful especially if you want to take a group pictures or cover a wide portion of an image or landscape photography.

The main sensor takes excellent looking images with good details and still retain natural looks to its images.

HDR is on point and general still image is great on this device.

Now flip over to the front camera.

The 32mp camera doesn’t disappoint too, it takes amazing selfies with good details though color reproduction sometimes doesn’t quite keep up with the real camera, sometimes the background can fool the camera making the image looks like the background color.

Overall both rear and front facing camera takes amazing photos and it will definitely please you.

What i do not like about the camera is the video aspects, it appears jaggy like something that is not properly stitch. It doesn’t look nice at all, i know it is something that can be fixed with the software updates and i wish infinix can do that quickly so that some customers might not feel disappointed other than that, it is pretty good though not the best but it is up there.

So if your main aim for the infinix s4 is all about making videos i will tell you to look elsewhere, But if it is mostly other things like still images, good performance, one of the best devices out there with a good battery life then you’ll be so pleased with your purchase just make sure you step up to the one with the highest specifications.

Alright guys, i hope i have answered your question of “is infinix s4 a good phone”Alright, question for you, will you buy the infinix s4?? Leave a comment with YES below if you will buy it or leave a comment below with NO if you won’t buy it, also use the social button below to share this post for somebody to make a buying decision.