Is Android Better Than Ios

Is Android better than iOS? Ok, so one of my friends bought Huawei p30 pro for $700 recently and other friends of mine were yelling at him and asking him why he spent so much money on android when there are ios devices such as iphone xs max at $1000 that can satisfy all his needs.

So my friend who bought that Huawei p30 pro was mad at them, he told them that ios devices are trash that android devices are much more better than ios devices and they are still out there arguing as of the time I’m writing this post.

So is android better than ios? Yes android is better than ios in all aspect and here is why.

Why is android better than ios

Android is better than ios in a lot of ways such as the low cost and more value for money, here is what i mean.

Android devices knows there are budget users out there so they produces smartphones at relatively low price for the budget users to get a taste of a smartphone but in the case of ios devices, they are much more expensive than Android, they don’t even care about the budget users and they kept producing smartphones at higher cost.

I know you will be like, what? there are still android devices that are expensive, yes i totally agree but those android are not as expensive as the ios, for example, huawei p30 pro is priced at $700 while iPhone xs max is priced at $1000, but Huawei p30 pro offers pretty much every thing you will get on iPhone xs max and even beyond.

Sometimes i wonder a world without android, phones will be for the rich but all thanks to android.

Another reason android is better than ios is that android apps are compatible, you can transfer apps from one android device to another but in the case of ios devices you can’t do that.

I haven’t seen two iPhones exchange apps.

Android apps are literally everywhere, you can download android apps from playstore or you can google an android app and download but in the case of the ios, you are only limited to their own app store.

Android devices are easily customizable, like changing fonts, adding third party software but in ios devices, you only get a few customizability options, for the fact that Android devices are customizable, i can put things where i want it to be and where i didn’t want them which ios didn’t give an option to do so.

When it comes to camera, this is what always comes to the mind of people when you mention ios or apple devices.

The truth is that ios devices has the best camera back then, like in 2014 or so but nowadays there are pretty much a lot of android devices that beat ios camera.

For example, the Huawei p30 pro is an android device that has the best camera out there, it has 50x zoom which can zoom far object and still comes out looking sharp and clear but there is no ios device that can do that, don’t get me wrong though, ios device like iPhone x, xs max and other has good quality cameras.

Ios cameras are great and decent but to put it into comparison, some Android devices can beat ios devices.

You can’t expand storage on ios devices which when your storage is filled up, it start disturbing you with full storage pop up but you can expand storage up to 32gb, 64gb, 128, 256GB, 500gb and even 1tb on an android devices which looks pretty cool.

As far as durability, iPhone get the highest durability score so far but it doesn’t mean android devices are a piece of biscuit though.

To rate their durability, i have to give iPhone 60% and android 40%.


If you have android device but want to go for ios devices just because you heard people talking about it so much or you want people to admire you as a big guy or girl.

I will advice you to stick to what you have but if you insist, of course it’s a free world you can go ahead and get yourself an ios device.

Ios devices are great and pretty nice but to answer that question, is android better than ios? i have to say yes, it does better than ios and in turn helps you save a little buckx.

IPhones battery last long but they didn’t come close to android’s battery stamina.

Apple doesn’t disclose their battery milliamp to the public but people usually finds it out later.

So to summarize it all.

Android is budget friendly.
Apps are compatible on Android.
Android can be customized.

Android have improve in their camera quality aspect, when i say this, i mean android phones like Huawei p30, Google Pixel, Xiaomi pocophone f1, oneplus 7, Samsung Galaxy s10, Samsung note 9, oppo reno, oneplus 6t, Motorola moto G7 and pretty much other Android devices out there.

Thats it guys for the is Android better than iOS post, i hope you found this post helpful, if you enjoyed it, feel free to use the social media buttons below to share it.

Question for you, which phone do you use currently, ios or android?