IPhone 11 leaks

I have got some great Apple IPhone 11 leaks and news I’d like to share with you today including the first ever look inside the iPhone 11.

The actual logic board has leaked and it’s been unprecedented with all the new security measures Apple is implementing that we actually get to take a look at them. And there’s some really far out stuff here. So let’s get into it.

IPhone 11 leaks image

Now this first iPhone 11 leaks comes from Federico server. He got some hookups and connections in China, and they’re actually sharing the iPhone 11 logic board already months in advance of its release.

So looking at it and we saw the iPhone 10 logic board at the end of August. And now we’re seeing at the beginning of July for the iPhone 11.

IPhone 11 leaks image

What we can discern from this image and there are several here is that Apple is indeed switching up the shape of the logic board.

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Currently with the iPhone 10 and 10xs, we have an L shaped stacked logic board. And it looks like Apple is going back to a sandwich design, that’s a rectangle we did here earlier from compare Raja, the site that initially leaked to the Android looking iPhone 11 designed the logic board would be switching locations inside the iPhone that it would sit above the battery, the battery would be below it.

Looking at iPhone leaks image, Now with this shape and with Federico his opinion, it’s simply too large to do that. So I’m inferring that that logic board was connected to that design or the layout inside.

So this one is very likely going to be the very same thing as the iPhone 1010 s and the XR it’s going to sit under the camera to the right with a very large battery to the left.

And last, we heard that the battery is going to be huge, I still believe it will be a rectangle according to compare Roger just the location of it will be different.

IPhone 11 leaks image

So these are coming from separate sources. By the way, the first image here is shown by one source on Instagram, and the second was coming from Facebook.

So from two entirely different sources, they’re showing the same design, one in the logic board layouts like blueprints and the other the actual PCB printed boards.

Very interesting knowing that Apple is increasing their security measures all the time. And by the way, Max wind back is claiming Apple is still to this day chasing down every single leak.

Still according to the iPhone 11 leaks, they take this stuff very seriously. And the fact that we’re even seeing this is unbelievable, it should not be happening yet. Here it is the internals of the iPhone 11.

And the actual battery sizes have leaked for this year’s iPhones and not only for the iPhone 11 and also for the 11 max and the 11. I just missed it from earlier. So the actual battery capacity, the milliamp capacity of this year’s largest iPhone will be 3650 milliamps compared to 3174.

IPhone 11 leaks battery

Right now, on the Xs Max, that’s a 13% size increase and the source is claiming that there’s a plus or minus giveaway here of 3%. So 10% to 13% larger battery in the iPhone 11 Max, that’s significant pair that with the apple a 13 you’re going to see some real changes here.

And having said that, even though this year doesn’t seem to be a very large upgrade, it is still an S cycle refresh, it seems that Apple is paving the way towards the 2020 iPhones with 5g capability and by reshuffling the insides a lot for larger rectangular battery.

That’s basically the main component, the battery that will allow for the 5g future to happen sooner. And even though this year doesn’t seem too important. It’s absolutely necessary in order to transition to the 2020 iPhones and now same sources claiming there will be a 3322 milliamp battery compared to the current 2658 on the iPhone 11.

That’s a 20% increase. So Apple is taking batteries very seriously this year. And like Michiko claimed earlier you’ll be charging your air pods on the back of your iPhone, you need that larger size in order to compensate for that and once again, the iPhone 11 prototypes or CAD models used to create cases have been leaked.

IPhone 11 leaks case

This time in a different color scheme showing us nothing new still, but I noticed on the cameras it appears that the lenses are bulging out just a little bit more.

We heard earlier from on leaks that they would be sticking out of the lens. And this is the first time ever that we’re actually seeing the protrusion for the individual lenses but that’s just because of the way the back glass on the 11 is.

It’s a single piece of glass and they have to separate the lenses from that glass in order to keep the thickness low on the rest of the housing and first shared by mania guests The iPhone 11 clones are here and guru phone the company that simply will not stop it’s been there since the beginning of the iPhone copying them to the ends and the ones that brought you the red iPhone 10 before it was out.

They’ve copied the iPhone 11,thou it’s according to iPhone 11 leaks And now not only do you have one fake camera, there are two fake cameras accompanied by one very tiny real one. I doubt it’s even five megapixels.

It’s funny to me that they’re pumping these out so fast and it’s kind of cool, is still has a notch, the bottom chin area hasn’t gotten any better, but they’re fairly cheap.

IPhone 11 speaker grills

So you get what you pay for here. Another change on those is on the bottom. I noticed the speakers now have the correct amount of speaker holes. Even the current iPhone 10 s clones do not have that change.

So it’s nice that they’re updating those little tiny things even on the iPhone 11 clause. Next up here something quite scary, but nothing anymore. Up until a few weeks ago, everybody’s iPhone could have received a text message if you were so targeted, and it would have bricked your iPhone completely.

Upon receiving that text message a Google Project Zero researcher has demonstrated a bug where you can send a malformed text message to anyone under iOS 12.3. And essentially your springboard would keep re springing and crashing, requiring a full restore.

There were some other ways to fix it. But essentially you would have to lose all of your data. kind of crazy. So do update past 12.3 if you’re under it, there’s a jailbreak tweak to fix it.

Now apparently Apple is working on some products that will blow you away. This was during an interview with NBC News. Tim Cook was talking about the whole reason why Johnny I’ve left refuting Wall Street Journal’s claims that he became dispirited and left because of Tim Cook’s hands off approach.

Now eventually that conversation went down to some new products they’re working on. And potentially some of these new products have surfaced in the news recently. And let’s go ahead and discuss several of those.

By the way, thank you to Apple I designer for the beautiful iOS six concept great work as usual. According to Taiwanese source economic Daily News, they’re claiming Apple is working on a foldable iPad, could this be all of those patents that we’ve seen regarding the iPhone and the foldable screen that they were actually referring to an iPad because that seems more likely to happen Apple, sometimes they’ve used their newer technologies on the iPad, such as promotion displays, and eventually that might filter down to the iPhone.

IPhone ipad

And in the same sense, we could see a foldable screen, start on the iPad and then filter its way down there saying would have 5g capability and will arrive in 2020.

Also that it would be a business focused device likely around a 12 inch size. So would be replacing the current 12.9 inch iPad Pro or possibly even sold adjacent to it. Yeah,that’s exciting.

I mean, the prospect of a foldable iPad being here so soon. And 2020 is hard to believe but could be an apple is still working on future airports, refining something that’s already so good.

Their latest patent application details a way where they can fix one of the biggest flaws with air pods. And that’s the sound leakage by manipulating the way sound exits the air pods they can make the person next to you sitting on the airplane, potentially hear less of what you’re hearing.

New Apple ipod

And last we heard of the air pods, air pods three they’re supposed to be a redesign, we heard that we might be getting a matte black color. I personally think that with the iPhone 11 Apple could potentially release a special edition, you know, like a matte black air pods alongside a matte black frosted iPhone 11.

Wouldn’t that be something and some really far out there news touch ideas coming back sooner than you think. And specifically for China.

According to China based the Global Times Apple is working on an iPhone with Touch ID embedded in the display instead of face ID in an attempt to save money and this would be specifically for the Chinese region where they’re not doing so hot in sales.

I don’t know if this would work and why they would do it and not everywhere else. But hey, I can’t wait to see if it does happen. also wanted to mention we’ve heard already apples been in China for quite some time trying to release a special edition iPhone, their last we heard it would be a product red iPhone tennis addition to reinvigorate sales where they’re not doing too well in China.

And clearly to this day, they still aren’t. So my question is will this device be that mythical iPhone eight replacements but a new version of it? Could it be that Apple is bringing back that design but a full screen design and just a fingerprint sensor on the screen while still being a fairly cheap device based on the iPhone eight. That’s my theory.

And I think the different rumors we’re hearing from different sources could be talking about the same device here. We’ll see in just a little bit of course and right after waterways once again allowed to do business with the United States.

The new Huawei made 30 Pro has been leaked it features a circular design this is coming from Dania guest skin latest sources of detail they will have a quad lens camera and what better way to force Apple to innovate in you know their native country China while we certainly going to be coming back for some revenge here and some good news regarding the keyboards on the upcoming Mac books in 2020 main Chico’s reporting Apple is going back to a scissor switch style keyboard layout.

Apple new keyboard image

So for all the people suffering with a butterfly keyboard setup right now, the end is insights and we’re likely to see it on the MacBook Air in 20.

And we’ve also seen a recent leak what looks like a 13 inch MacBook Pro refresh coming from the Eurasian Economic Commission that’s where a lot of Apple products get leaked first before coming out.

So it’s unknown what this would be but likely just a simple spec bump and the landscape is shifting while we has real woken and I do hope that forces Apple to keep innovating more as they’re not doing too hot in China and we’re always going to kick some ass. Anyways, that’s it for the iPhone 11 leaks.