Huawei trying to dump hongmeng OS and migrate to Sailfish OS

Thanks to the US trademark, Huawei has lost its Android and will not be able to use the Google Play Services (Google Play Store included) in the phone that has not yet been available. This means that the company should look for another location for its software.The first installment started on Huawei in the Ark River and was expecting to evacuate some time in October, but the well-known issue was that the Chinese technician was discussing something else next – Sailfish OS.Well, not exactly the white Sailfish but instead of a pill called Aurora OS, which is a Linux-based operating system. Even Huawei’s CEO, Guo Ping, reported that Aristarchus’s company could be utilized with Konstantin Noskov in charge of digital media, communications and advertising in Russia. In fact, Huawei is testing some of its devices in Aurora OS, said.Nevertheless, no statement made by others is the only time to tell whether this dream is correct.