Huawei themes:how to customize it to your liking

Huawei has one of the best themes so far, The future smartphone that will be released by huawei will spot best huawei themes. There are a lot of there phones released that has best theme like huawei themes p9, Huawei themes p10. Huawei has levels of themes for phones such as huawei themes EMUI 8, EMUI 3.1 themes, EMUI 8.0 themes and so on.There are thousands of stylish themes, fonts and wallpapers available for you to create a personalized look for your phone.

HUAWEI Themes provides a great gallery of art and design in your pocket, to customize your phone at any time, anywhere, in accordance with your mood.

How to get started

Step 1: Open your “Themes” app

Step 2: Watch and discover your favorite theme

Step 3: Download and apply theme

Step 4: Enjoy your new theme!

* HUAWEI ID is required

To download theme features contents with a custom theme

A large gallery of topics featuring animations, celebrities, art and literature, hand drawing, and painting to choose from you. Make your device truly your own.


See a glimpse of every corner of the world with huawei wallpaper gallery. Let’s look at the traditional arts, the sound of nature and a brand new lifestyle.


Search and download from the fancy fonts load. Bring your words with your favorite fonts, dancing at the end of your finger.Customize your own themeGive your interface a different look with themes. Choose from a wide variety to customize your lock screen, home screen, icon and fonts. You will love your smartphoneCombined We Design.

How to create a theme of your self

It is easy to create themes for HUAWEI Themes. All you need is Photoshop, some designing skills and a free theme creation tool.There are 3 steps on the theme creation process:

(1) Design your theme (wallpaper, icon etc.) using huawei theme template

(2) Use huawei theme tool to combine all created properties into a theme package. Here

(3) Upload your theme package to huawei themes store via HUAWEI developer