Huawei said to launch a new phone with their own operating system (OS)

Many sources from Chinese has revealed that huawei is set to launch their new smartphone with their new HongMeng OS(expected to be named ark OS) this October. The memo was Revealed by Guo Mingxi, an analyst with tianfeng international.

But this phones they are going to launch on October this year won’t be in the flagship series, It will likely be in the budget to midrange smartphones. According to Global Times, Oppo and vivo was present when they tested the new huawei OS and they found out that it is 60% faster than Google’s Android.

The reason why the OS is going to be rolled out first in China is because the new operating system (OS) won’t have major requirements for the international audience,So that’s why they have to scale back a bit for the launch.The person who revealed this to us also predicted that despite the issue between huawei and the US authorities, Huawei will manage to surpass its 200m millstone in shipments from 2018 and will release 215m to 220m units. They aim to become at the top globally.

What do you think about this? Do you think huawei is still going to maintain its feet. Let me know in the comments section down below.