Huawei p30 – What you don’t know about this device

So you have been hearing about the hype about the Huawei p30, but you don’t know anything about it, it’s features or it’s performance.

In today’s article you are going to see why huawei p30 is a good phone to have.

The Huawei p30 was recently released on March 2019 along with its sibling, the Huawei p30 pro. Huawei’s main focus on this phone is the camera. It spot one of the best cameras in a smart phone.

“Don’t get me wrong “

Huawei p30 spot one of the best cameras ever with a 50x optical zoom.

Huawei p30 key specs:

6.1inch display 2340 x 1080p

6gb/8gb ram. 64gb/128gb/240gb rom

Hisilicon Kirin 980. Emui 9.1. Android 9 pie

32mp selfie camera, 40+8+16mp rear camera


Indisplay finger print sensor.


Huawei p30

The Huawei p30 has a massive 6.1 inch full HD display on a resolution of 2340 by 1080p. It has a screen dimension of about 15.49 which is very perfect for a smartphone in 2019.Now the screen resolution of 2340 by 1080p on the Huawei p30 simply means that the display will be bright outdoors even under sunlight. It is way better than those midrange smartphones that has screen resolution of 720. With huawei p30 you can stream videos in full HD display.For example, On YouTube, you get to watch videos in 1080p which pops up great colors and has a nice viewing angles.

The display has a notch, I know some people don’t like notch smartphones but trust me, The Huawei p30 notch doesn’t border in any way, Though, you can still hide it if you are not a fan of the notch.The notch is called a dot drop notch because it has that kind of zero drop down screen.

See what I mean below.

On the dot drop notch, you will see a whooping 32mp selfie camera with F/2.0 aperture sitting in between the dot notch.Just beneath the screen, you have the in display finger print sensor which works really really fast.


The Huawei p30 spot a beautiful design with the rear triple cameras arranged in a horizontal way.The Huawei p30 has a gorilla protection with aluminum make. The gorilla body protection simply means that it’s strongly made, That is, if you drop the smartphone mistakenly, it won’t shatter or brake at all.It comes in different colors.

It changes color through light exposure. It has an IP 53 rating for splash resistance not water resistant.

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Here is what i mean

The phone can survive water splash or little drops of water on the body but can’t survive huge water drop. So don’t throw the device in a pool.

However, if you want a water resistant one, you can go for the bigger model, the Huawei p30 pro.

The Huawei p30 feels study in the hand and well made and it’s quite easy to handle with one hand. The overall asthetics and physical appearance of this device stack up well in the flagship category.

Hardware and software

The smartphone runs on huawei emui 9.1.Hisilicon Kirin 980 with Android 9 pie. It comes in different variety which is the one with 64gb, 128gb and 256gb of rom with 8gb/6gb of ram.

However, storage can be extended via a hybrid slot. With all this, performance is awesome and graphics performance is really amazing.You can dive in from one app to another at ease.

When you open any social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter e.t.c it refreshes your feeds very fast. Gamers, this is a phone for you guys, I have never had any lag playing pub G, Gran theft and so on. The overall performance experience with this phone is satisfying and i can boldly say it is worth every penny. It comes with a lot of features to improve usability status.


This device spot a whopping 32mp selfie camera with f2.0 aperture.The selfie camera on this device can record 1080p video at 30 frames per second(30fps) which is really amazing. It takes decent photos at night and can take more beautiful and detailed images in daylight conditions. It’s comes with a lot of features such as beauty mode, portrait mode and so many features that a flagship device suppose to have. No selfie flash on the selfie camera but trust me, images shot at night came looking very detailed and sharp.

At the rear, you have a triple camera setup which are:

40mp (f/1.8) Main camera

8mp(f/2.4) Telephoto camera

16mp(f/2.2) Ultra wide angle camera.

The rear camera on the Huawei p30 delivers sharp looking images. At day light, images shot with this device maintains a lot of details, pleasing colors, nice dynamic range and balanced saturation. You can use the ultra wide angle mode to shoot micro shots which allows you to focus on an object extremely close.

If the object is covered with plenty of light you can end up getting the most beautiful micro shots. Low light shots are excellent, they are well exposed and sharp,No noise and nice colors. I must say huawei did a great job on this device. The dual led flash helps to support the camera in deep black area at night to give you that as toning shots. Huawei p30 can record videos in 4k at 30 fps, electronic stabilization is active on all cameras and in all modes.

Here are some photos shot on huawei p30


Huawei p30 has an inbuilt battery capacity of 3650mah which is a bit lower compared to it’s big brother, the Huawei p30 pro. It isn’t bad though.You can top up the battery with a 22.5 watt huawei super charger.

It takes less than an hour to charge from 0 to 100% which is really impressive.You don’t get wireless charge on this device but you can have that in the pro model. The battery can last on a full day of usage.


Huawei p30 is an impressive devices to have, the design is beautiful, the camera is dope, performance is great, the battery last longer and recharges very fast.

Honestly the Huawei p30 deserves a recommendation. So I do recommend you purchase this device right now.