How to solve internal storage showing storage full after deleting all data on your device.

Is your phone showing storage full after deleting all data from your phone? then you are in the right article. I will show you how to fix your storage full upon deleting all data on your smartphone.

It is really annoying and sad to see your smartphone disturbing you with storage full pop up, I know how annoying it is.You have formatted your phone and the issue stopped and after using your phone for a while it starts again that you don’t want to be losing your data anymore now,let me review the secret to you.

Clear your Android data

1.Go to storage storage on Android on data file and delete it and boom your storage will be cleared.The Android data files usually collects catche files or junk files when using your phone so clearing it will help.

Clear your chrome’s data

If the first step didn’t work for you then try this one you need to clear your Chrome data to do this head over to settings apps and search for Chrome, click on Chrome and you will see data used by chrome in internal storage, click on it and select clear all data, your storage will be reduced immediately, if you saved some password on Chrome don’t worry it won’t be cleared as the password there is only saved to Google drive so you got no need to worry about your password loss. Do this two steps (no matter what’s your phone brand) and be guaranteed you will be able to clear your storage without doing a factory reset. If you still can clear it let me know in the comments section and I will be glad to help.