How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on Android: Step-By-Step

Since last year, WhatsApp has been working on dark mode feature for its social application, but now this awesome feature is available for all people even for those which are not using the WhatsApp beta version. Check the screen shots below.

How WhatsApp dark mode works

So how does the WhatsApp dark mode really works? Well, WhatsApp uses dark hues instead of going completely black. This means that the dark mode feature on WhatsApp is not as dark as other dark modes found on some applications. You are going to be disappointed if you are a fan of OLED dark mode on some apps. But nevertheless, it is still easy to the eyes compared to its normal light mode.

If you wanted to turn on dark mode on WhatsApp just to save your battery drainage, kindly note that it is not going to work if your phone uses an LCD panel screen. But however, if your smartphone uses an OLED display, it is going to work and the blacks will be even more deeper. The feature can enable itself automatically or you do it manually.

WhatsApp beta 2.20.13 update

Here is what i mean by enabling it automatically, if your smartphone is running Android 10 and you turned on dark mode in your phone settings, it is going to reflect on WhatsApp automatically. But if you are using an Android 9 pie device or lower, that means you need to go to WhatsApp settings to enable it manually. Another way for Android 9 pie users is that you can leave it to automatically enable itself when battery saver is on. When your phones battery saver turns on, (normally from 20%) the WhatsApp dark mode will enable itself automatically.

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on Android

  1. Go to WhatsApp Settings ⇒ Chats ⇒ Theme ⇒ Choose Dark theme
  2. ‘System default’ option available for Android 10 users identifies the theme used by the Android system and changes the theme to light or dark theme accordingly
  3. ‘Set by Battery Saver’ option available for Android Pie and lower versions automatically switches to light or dark theme based on Battery Saver settings.

That’s it. WhatsApp Dark Theme feature should be available widely for stable users soon. iOS users should get it this year since the company is said to be working on two different configurations based on iPhone Accessibility Settings, first one with very dark colors and other with soft dark colors.

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