How to enable App drawer on MIUI 11: Step-by-step

It is always frustrating for some people who just migrated to Xiaomi devices, do you know why? There is no app drawer on their home screen. You can’t even activate it from the settings because it isn’t there. But i have good news for you all, you can now do it!

Xiaomi has just updated their system launcher (in alpha version) that introduces support for the app drawer. Kindly note that the update is ment for those whose their Xiaomi devices is already running on the latest MIUI 11. If you are yet to get the update or you don’t have the latest version of MIUI, this update won’t work for you.

The new mode that uses the app drawer can be activated at the user’s choice within the launcher settings. Once done, you can access your installed apps by just swiping upwards. Users can also make changes to the app drawer, such as which app categories to display, changing the background color, and much more. Here is a detailed guide on how to activate it.

How to enable App drawer on MIUI 11

  1. Download the MIUI system launcher latest alpha build
  2. Open the installation package
  3. Enable “Allow from this source” in the Install unknown apps settings (if applicable)
  4. Once the build is installed, go to the home screen
  5. Tap on Settings, select more. This will take you to Home screen settings
  6. Now, tap on “Home screen.”
  7. Select “With app drawer” home screen layout

That’s it, you are ready to rock the most awaited app drawer on a Xiaomi phone. Again, this works if you have the latest version of MIUI installed. That is, if you have received the MIUI 11 update on your device, if not, it won’t work.

To check if you have the latest MIUI 11 update, you can go to settings»About phone and then click on system update. If your device has the update, it will appear there.