How to download clips from YouTube

Download clips from youtube is easy, do you watched a video on YouTube and wish you can download it and watch it every time and everyday you wish and not by visiting youtube every time you need to watch the video again which usually takes your data.

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you how you can download clips from YouTube and watch it every single time you wish, make sure you read till end.

YouTube is social video sharing site where people can watch videos and upload videos.Those who upload videos on YouTube are called creators, and this creators has the ability to monetize their channel as long as they have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours time.

According to a research done, billions of video are uploaded on YouTube every single minute and billions of people watch YouTube video every minute, but what youtube lacks is the ability to download videos from there site, although you can download video from YouTube but it is only stored in YouTube.

What i mean is that those videos you downloaded on youtube can not be found on your phone’s gallery or in your file manager, you only go in YouTube and watch that video without data connection or wifi, the video remains intact as long as you have steady internet connection but in a situation whereby you don’t have data connection up to a month, your videos will be deleted.

But guess what?

There is solution!. I will teach you on how you can download clips from YouTube and find the video in your gallery or file manager.

Basically there are 3 ways in which you can download clips from YouTube which are :

  • Download using vidmate
  • Download using browser
  • YouTube premuim


Vidmate app

Vidmate is an app designed to download clips from YouTube, but not only on YouTube alone, you can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and pretty much every where you found video online.

There are other apps that makes it possible to download videos from YouTube such as tube video downloader, videooder and with other tons of video downloader apps available on play store.

I have tested those video downloader apps on playstore, few works but with tons of ads running on the apps which makes it dull and boring.

Vidmate is my favorite video downloader app and i still use it till date.

Steps on how to download with vidmate app

1.Download vidmate app here and install it on your device
2.Go to YouTube and search any video you wish to download.
3.Once you found the video, scroll down and click on share button and click on copy link.

How to download clips on youtube
Click on share button
How to download clips on youtube
Click on copy link

4.Now go to vidmate and paste the link in the search bar.

How to download clips on youtube
Paste the link in the search bar

If you don’t know how to paste a link, just visit the search bar and press and hold the search inbox, within 2 seconds, paste will pop up, just click paste and boom! your link will be pasted.
5.After you have pasted your link.
6.Click on search
7.Click on download, immediately it will pop up with the quality you wish to download the video on.

How to download clips on youtube
Select quality

Vidmate supports lots of options such as, 144p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080.

Once you select your quality, it will start downloading immediately.

How to download clips on youtube

Another way to download with Vidmate is just for you to head over to Vidmate app and open it,
Search for your favorite videos you wish to download and click download button.
Select video quality and it will start downloading immediately.

If you wish to download videos from any sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
Just copy the video link and paste it on Vidmate.
Select quality and boom your video will start downloading immediately.

I will publish a separate post for downloading videos on Facebook or Instagram, so do make sure you follow this blog or allow notifications. Next step


You can download YouTube video from your browser such as opera mini, chrome, Firefox etc. This one works very well and support all video quality like 4k videos, before you can download videos from your browser, there are few steps you need to take.

1.Firstly, go to youtube and search for your preferred videos.
2.Scroll down and click share button then Click on copy link.

How to download clips on youtube
How to download clips on

3.Now go to your browser and paste the link in the url field which is usually found at the top.

How to download

4.Edit the link, clear the prefix of YouTube, that is clear any word that appear before youTube and replace that word with ss.

5.Click search and it will take you to a video downloading website.
6.Select your format or video quality and boom! Your video will start downloading immediately.

Select quality

I don’t normally use this method cause I don’t have the time to follow all this process but it is very useful if you need to download high quality video, such as HD video or 4k video, check also some recommended online video downloader sites where you can just simply paste the link and download the video.


YouTube premium is another way to download clips from YouTube but it is quite expensive. You need to spend a couple of dollars before you are allowed to download a video.

So that’s pretty much it of how you can download clips from youtube, if you enjoyed it, use the social media buttons below to extend it to your friends and family. Cheers!