Facebook will pay you for them to spy on you with study app

Facebook launches new app which is called study,The app wants to track how you use your phone and pay you in return. The app called study is a marketing research app that will take records of usage behavior such as installed apps, usage time, device, location and network.Facebook said that they will use this meta data to know which app that is preferred by users with the goal of improving their own products.Facebook said that they will respect your privacy, they will not collect your content, passwords or messages and that the data won’t reach third parties.So the process Facebook will use to recruit members is by running targeted ads which will prompt users to verify their age and other personal details. Once you have given them your details, Facebook will now give the permission to download the study app and login with your details.In the setup process, the app will show you all the data it collects and how they will be used. Users will also need to provide their PayPal account details which will be used for financial compensation. Now for those of who don’t know what PayPal is. PayPal is an online business account that will allow you to do transactions online,payment can be sent to you from abroad through PayPal,then from PayPal you can now withdraw to your local bank account. PayPal doesn’t cost a dime to setup. It’s free and their main transaction currency is in dollars but there is other currency tho but dollars are most likely to be used.

Back to the report.The exact amount that they are going to pay the users is not yet officially announced.Once you have setup the study app, the app will periodically reminds you that you are a participant in study program.Users are also free to leave the program at any time which will require you uninstalling the app from your phone and also notifying Facebook of your demise.Study app will remain exclusively on Android and ios devices users at us and India.Facebook claims that they will later extend it to reach more countries.