Facebook bans huawei from pre-installing their app on their phone

On May Last month, it’s reported that the Huawei mobile has been banned from using android and Google on their phone due to some issues they hard with the US authorities. Earlier today,According to a report by Reuters, Facebook has banned the Chinese tech company from pre-installing its apps Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp on huawei phones.

However the ban doesn’t affect current huawei users,But will have a great impact on their future phones, The old or current users can go to playstore and download their favorite apps like any Android device. Google has already banned huawei so they can’t receive Android upcoming versions, playstore and play services.The “ARM” the organization which specializes in design of semi conductor architecture has already seized their relationships with the Chinese company so it won’t be able to produce chips with ARM design. At this point Facebook doesn’t have a direct impact on huawei phone.