Price of replacing Infinix screen in Nigeria

The greatest nightmare for smartphone lovers is getting their screen damaged. Infinix is a smartphone brand popular known in Africa and in Asia. A lot of people who own Infinix device has been looking for the cost of replacing their phone’s screen.

I have done a lot of research and was able to come up with a good data. The cost of replacing Infinix screen really depends on the model. You can pay up to N3,000 ($9) to N36,000 ($100). Entry-level Infinix smartphone screen is much cheaper than the high end ones.

Cost of replacing Infinix screen

Infinix screen replacement

Now that you have seen the price, it is also worth noting that i conducted this research within my location. So it is possible that the cost of the replacement might be different in your location. But at least, you have gotten a glimpse look at how much it will cost.

The availability of the screen also impact the replacement price. Some technicians usually travel to a long distance to get the screen if it is not available in his workshop and there by adding the transport fee which increases the replacement price.

But you might be wondering, where is the best place to repair my Infinix screen. There are some people who pose themselves as a phone literate and always tries to convince you that they can do it but end up spoiling your device. You don’t want to be a victim, here is the best place to repair your screen.

Where to repair Infinix screen

Carlcare is by far the most trusted place to repair your Transsion products, be it Itel, Tecno and Infinix. The company which is based in Hong Kong has different service centres across many African countries providing full service support for Tecno, Infinix and iTel devices.

Carlcare development Nigeria limited

They offer professional service support to mobile phones and other electronic consumer products. You can even get your Infinix screen repaired for free if your warranty is still active. There is a warranty card that is usually available in the box of this Infinix smartphones, that’s what i am talking about.

But then if your warranty has expired, you can get your screen repaired at a very affordable price. They have a lot of service centres in Nigeria and here they are.

Carlcare service centres in Nigeria

Lagos: Digital Square, 2nd floor, No.20, Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja.

Akure: Samdee Ventures, Shop 14, 2nd floor, Olukayade plaza.

Onitsha: No.44B, New Market road

Kano: No 25, Beirut Road

Ibadan: Isolak Building, Queen Elizabeth Road

Abuja: No.16, Gwani street, off IBB Way, Wuse Zone 4, FCT.

Port Harcourt: No. 290 Aba Road

Kaduna: G5/F6 Ya Ahmed House, Ahmed Bello Way

Benin Edo: No. 5/7 Isekhere Street, Off ibewe Road, Ring Road

Abakaliki: 11A, Ogoja Road

Abeokuta: No. 19 Lalubu Road, Oke-ilewo

Aba: No. 192 Azikiwe Road

Ado-Ekiti: No. 13 Fayose Market

Awka: DenoBell Building, No. 7 Ifite Road, Aroma Junction.

Aside from Carlcare, you can also repair at a close smartphone shop near you but like i said, some are genuine while some are fake so be warned. I always repair my smartphone at Carlcare so it is safe, simple and affordable. If you insist on checking out Carlcare, just make sure that the technician has a good reputation.

But how do you stop your screen from potential damage? Would you like to learn the tips on how to prevent your screen from damaging? Take a look below

Ways to prevent your screen from damaging

1. Get a screen protector

Screen protectors otherwise called screen guards are extremely essential. When you buy a new phone, you should buy a screen protector as well. They are also lifesavers. Screen protectors also come in handy with broken screens.

Infinix Smartphone case for protection

If you aren’t ready to replace your screen right away, and you still have some functionality from the phone, you can place a screen protector on the screen to prevent further damage. Some phones even comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass for protection.

2. Get a good quality case

Smartphone cases are lifesavers for many. With this paced and multitasking life, there is a huge possibility that you will drop your phone unknowingly. To avoid this kind of situation, it is good that you get a case for your phone. It doesn’t matter if you get an expensive branded case or not.

Just get the one that suits your phone. Even a good quality non branded one will suffice and give you the same kind of protection to your handset.

3. Self protection

Be careful when placing your phone in the pocket, especially in the rear pocket of your tight jeans because there is a probability that your phone might bend or just snap when you attempt to sit.

Wherever you place your handset, just keep it out of reach of the toddlers or unruly kids in your home, it is likely that they may try to get hold of your handset and clumsily drop it and thus damage it.

So that’s it about the cost of replacing Infinix screen as well as the methods to prevent potential damage. Let me know your views in the comment section below. Do you have a helpful tip you need to add to prevent screen damage? Let us know