Chrome version for Android gets dark mode

Chrome for Android got a dark theme on version 74 but was hidden back in April and most people don’t know it existed.

So last three days Google is rolling out chrome 75 for Android and this brings in dark theme to the settings menu for everyone to enable it at will.

By default Chrome will automatically switch to the dark theme when your phones battery saver is active,but you can choose it to be light or dark.When the dark theme is enabled, the text on tab titles will turn to white in order to enable you see it and read it.

Google also add a password generator to it,when you tap on password input box you will see a new bar appear on the bottom with an icon showing so that you can tap on it to get a list of password Saved for the site.

Chrome 75 brings level 2 web share API which means that website can now share files to the native shared menu on Android.The new Chrome version 75 comes with a lot of features, the version will arrive on your phone within a few weeks