Can Iphone X Wireless Charge? Full answer

Can iphone x wireless charge? Anyone that types this in Google search is probably trying to get the phone or maybe he just wanted to know, so in this post i’m going to tell if or not iphone x wireless charge, how long it takes to charge wirelessly and best wireless charger you should get.

Yes iphone x can wireless charge and it has a lightening port for wired charging through the charging adapter as usual.

Official website shows that it has a fast charge with 50% charge in 30 minutes.

They showed it too while demonstrating their wireless charging capabilities, they only emphasised on wireless charging as it was for the first time that they had Incorporated something like this into an iPhone and hence a big deal for them.

How long it takes iphone x to charge wirelessly

The time it takes for an iPhone x to charge wirelessly will all depend on the type of charger you are using and the type and watts of the charger block.

I currently use the hoco iPhone x wireless charger which charges my iPhone x in both the vertical and horizontal position in about 2hours 30 minutes.

I also use the Apple 12 watt charger block.

In my test of the wireless charger as compared to being wired with the lightning cable and the same 12-watt charger block, the wireless charger seems to charge my iPhone X at roughly the same speed as it was wired directly.

Also the speed of the wireless charging will depend on if you have a case or not, usually without a case seems to allow the wireless charger to charge faster but in my case I always have the case on and I do not see any difference in charges speed.

Best wireless chargers for iPhone x

1. Anker b2514121 powerwave 7.5 wireless charging pad

Anker has built a name for itself by creating high-quality accessories in particular, their powerwave 7.5 wireless charger stands out with its well-thought-out design.

This charger’s surface stands out with its soft finish, it’s ledge, for instance, is designed in such a manner that it props the phone.

This makes it easy to view your notifications from a distance. In addition the unit comes with an indicator light which informs you when the charger is working.

It has a rubber coat at the bottom, this comes in handy in keeping your polling place and also in preventing Spills, aside from the charger which is well made, there’s also a micro USB cable provided.

That’s alongside a handy power adapter.

In particular, this adapter comes in handy for powering the pads such that it can be used as a standalone charger.

As far as charging power is concerned, this unit can charge and iPhone x from 0 to 36% in 60 minutes.

2. Samsung fast charge duo

There is no doubt that wireless charging has become a big deal in recent times.

Samsung has not been left behind either, the wireless charger is meant from their Galaxy Note 9 phone but it is still compatible with iPhone x.

The duo is design in a pretty straightforward manner. it is simple and functional most importantly it has a plastic base, the plastic base spans 8×3.5 inches.

That’s in addition to it having a saucer like stand. This is uniquely angled up to provide your phone with an upright seating position against the pad.

A bit further to the right is a circular module which almost looks like a speaker, this is a second wireless charging surface.

On the flipside, though it is made from plastic, to some, it might feel a bit cheap but the fact it features in matte finish makes it a bit classy.

A closer look at it further reveals the presence of rubber semi-circle, these are affixed under the pad and provide extra stability and the grip.

3. Belkin boost charge wireless charging pad

Belkin’s new boost charge wireless charging pad is a more basic version of its earlier boost up charging pad, it is simpler, looks better, works fine, and is a lot more affordable for most users, it is a great way to get into wireless charger for your iPhone or Airpods.

The Old Belkin pad used a proprietary AC adapter with a barrel connector for the cord ___just another cable you can’t use with any of your other Gear

This version includes a standard 10 watts USB power adapter and Micro-USB cable which is more broadly useful. In a bit of downgrade, these new boost charge pad is only rated for 5 Watts wireless charging not the 7.5 watts Max of the older model.

In practice, that doesn’t make a huge difference in overall charge rate but it is worth noting.

I had no problem charing my airpods wireless charging case on this pad, as long as I placed it right in the center. Perhaps the best benefits of this new boost charge pad is its affordability, the previous model retails for almost $60 though you could often find it for less.

These model cost $29 and you may even find it for a few bucks less if you shop around.

The design is quite good too, it comes in white or black with a matte finish and features a recessed micro USB on a bottom plug for a nice clean look.

The thin rubberized feet help keep it from sliding around and a rubberized ring on the top keeps your iPhone in place.

4. RAVPower RP-PC069 Wireless Charging Stand

RAVPower’s latest charging stand is a nice improvement over its previous models.

It’s got a sleek, unassuming design with a nice big ruberized pad to rest your phone on, and two coils so your iPhone will charge in either portrait or landscape orientation.

The angle is steep, almost entirely upright, which made us worry that Face ID wouldn’t work well.

In testing, Face ID worked just as well as with most other wireless charging stands.

This new charger supports 5W and 10W modes on Android phones, and Apple’s own 7.5W standard on the latest iPhones, too.

RAVPower has impreoved the cooling to keep the charging coils from getting too warm, which can slow down charging performance.

The braided micro USB cable is a nice touch, but it’s only about four feet long.

We had trouble making it reach the socket with the stand sitting up on a desk.

As with so many other wireless charging stands, it can be a little wobbly if you try to use your phone with too much force. Making the base just a little bit longer in back would have made it less prone to tilting.

At $50 it seems a little expensive, but that cost is offset by the 24W USB-A power adapter included in the box.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a great choice for the price.

Other wireless chargers for iPhone x tested

While these other chargers weren’t our favorites, they may suit your own needs.

There are only so many different ways you can wrap a copper coil in a hunk of plastic, so it’s safe to say that your own personal sense of style and pricing sensitivity might be a different charger the right choice for you.

(o) Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

The Charge Stream Pad+ is a substantial upgrade over Mophie’s previous charging pad offering, the Wireless Charging Base.

At a retail price of about $60, it’s a little on the expensive side, but it’s a better buy than the Wireless Charging Base was.

While the Wireless Charging Base used a proprietary power adapter that connected to the charge pad via a small barrel connector, the Charge Stream Pad+ uses a microUSB cable and adapter.

The connector for it on the pad is deeply recessed, which makes it hard to use other microUSB cables with it, but at least you can use the adapter and cable to charge other microUSB devices (like digital cameras or Android phones).

Charge performance is improved, too.

It tops out at 10 watts on supported Android phones, though the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X are limited to 7.5 watts (that’s an Apple thing, not a Mophie thing).

The pad itself is a good size with a large sweet spot, so it’s easy to plop down your phone without worrying about getting it perfectly centered.

The hefty weight and rubberized finish prevents the pad from sliding around on your desk or your iPhone from sliding on the pad.

It can easily charge through modest iPhone cases, and the small status light is subtle enough not to distract you in a dark bedroom.

Oh, and it’s now available in white or black, so you can more easily match your furniture or iPhone.

(0) Funxim Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Can Iphone can wireless charge with this charger? Yes the extended delay of Apple’s AirPower charging pad has left plenty of time for knock-offs to claim a stake.

Funxim successfully crowdfunded its effort on Kickstarter, and now it’s here.For what it is, it’s not bad. This is a $32 pad that can wirelessly charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. And it works well, even charging our test iPhone through a fairly substantial plastic case. Because it supports the Qi standard, like all iPhone-supporting wireless charging pads, it will also charge most Android phones with wireless charging.

Naturally, the price comes with a set of compromises.

The pad has a large circular cutout to one side, into which you install your official Apple Watch charger. You’ll open up the back to loop around the cable and plug the USB end into a USB-A port hidden in the base.

What’s more, the pad itself is made of a hard, smooth plastic that encourages the phone to slide around (especially without a case). When my iPhone X vibrated while on the pad, it slid around as if pushed by a ghost. What’s more, I had to be fairly precise with my placement in order for the phone to charge.

While the pad is oblong, the charging area for the phone is only right in the center; place it too far to the side and it won’t charge. And of course, your Apple Watch has to go on the Watch charger you supply.

Kickstarter backers may have gotten a free Quick Charge 3.0 compatible power adapter and micro-USB cable together with their purchase, which makes this a pretty good deal.

But the need to supply your own Apple Watch cable (at least $29 from Apple), the precise placement required, and the too-slick design make it hard to otherwise recommend.